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Transportation Management

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Our Transportation Management Solutions strive to help organizations manage long-range transportation requirements based on current demand and supply chains. In addition, we can help you meet requirements for internal distribution based on current inventory planning.

As an Oracle Gold partner, i97 Technologies can help you leverage Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) solutions, which offer transportation planning and execution capabilities. Everything you could want from a transportation management application – including planning, execution, freight payment and business process automation – can be found in our solutions suite.

With all of these capabilities, we can help organizations reduce costs and keep up with changing requirements throughout their supply chains. What’s more, all of our solutions are scalable, so that as the scope of your project shifts and grows, we can grow with you.


Our transportation management solutions enable customers to quickly realize benefits to meet their ROI criteria. Our solution takes the on-going administrative and post go-live support burden away from the customers’ IT resources and shifts the responsibilities to the OTM experts at i97 Technologies and Oracle. Customers implementing OTM reduce their freight costs from 5% to 20%+ depending on their current logistics processes and the OTM functionality implemented. With hard savings that can be immediately realized, customers can typically achieve their ROI requirements in 1 to 2 years. i97 Technologies Rapid Value program consists of a library of pre-developed templates and accelerators which are based on experience gained from over 300 projects. This expertise and our investment in the Rapid Value accelerators allows us to implement OTM with high quality and a quick time to benefit.

Transportation Management Applications

Our solutions can be applied in both on-premises environments and in the cloud. The advantage of the cloud is that anyone with the proper permissions can access these solutions. This allows companies to have further oversight over the furthest reaches of their supply chains and maintain data accuracy across the board. As a platinum Oracle partner, i97 Technologies has access to the best transportation management solutions in the world.

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