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Course Content

1. Order to Cash Overview

Order Process
Scheduling and Shipping Process
Inventory Management Process
Pricing Process
Auto Invoice and AR Interfaces
Receivables Process

2. Oracle Inventory Overview

Setting Up Inventory
Inventory Organizations
Create Items, Item Categories, Item Attributes
Define Units of Measure, Location and Sub-inventories
Order to Cash Life Cycle and Items Integration
Customer Items and Items Cross References

3. Oracle Order Management Overview

OM Overview Setting
Order Cycle Navigation and Flow Create
Copy, Book and Schedule
Orders Create Internal Orders
Blanket Sales Agreements
Drop Shipments
Credit Management
Order Inquiry and Manage Orders
Reporting and Interfaces

4. Customers and Customer Accounts Overview

Customers and Parties Overview
reating Parties and Customer Accounts
Profile Classes and Assignments
Defining TCA and Relationships
Viewing Customer accounts and Parties

5. Pricing Overview

Pricing Overview
Setting Up Pricing
Price Lists, Lines and Agreements
Formulas, Qualifiers and Modifiers Overview
Contexts and Attributes Overview
Freight and Special Charges Overview
Pricing Security

6. Shipping Process Overview Shipping

Shipping Overview
Setting Up Shipping
Scheduling and Pick Release
Pick Release Rules
Ship Confirm
Deliveries and Delivery Lines
Shipping Parameters
Profile Options
Reporting and Interfaces

7. Invoice Interface Process Overview

Auto Invoice Overview
Defining Auto Invoice Rules
Auto Invoice Process
Interfaces to Accounts Receivables

8. Accounts Receivables Process Overview

Receivables Overview
Receipts Overview
Invoices Overview
Invoice Process
Reconciling receipts with customer accounts
Period Closing
Interfaces to GL and other modules