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The fast-paced global Hi-tech industry is transforming and rapidly characterized by the continuous product innovation and compliance adherence, shortening product lifecycles, changing market needs and complex circuitry due to rapid advancement & innovation in technology. There is a need for companies to reinvent themselves in order to drive global sourcing strategies, while trying to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

The industry is looking for more scope due to integration of products with support services for creating new and long-term revenue sources. The Hi-Tech industry is heterogeneous, there are players competing to defend market share in stagnating markets, while at the other end of the field, companies face continuous growth by seizing new markets with appropriate investments like R&D, engineering, emerging markets, and business model innovations. At i97 Technologies , we make operations clever by designing, transforming, and running their processes through advanced operating models and analytics through appropriate organizational design, focused to the targeted market audience.

i97 Technologies has significant domain expertise across Hi-tech segments like semiconductors, telecom original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), consumer electronics, Hi-tech distributors and software vendors. i97 Technologies helps hi-tech enterprises with changing business models and addressing need enablement for new geographies through back-office systems. Our expertise spans process harmonization, global system rollouts and unified communication systems. Our experience in ERP-led transformations, global delivery teams, and a proven delivery model ensure business growth.

Our comprehensive suites of services address the following business processes:

  • Customer service and after sales support
  • Distributed manufacturing enablement
  • Materials management
  • Partner and supplier Collaboration
  • Product innovation
  • Product launch and lifecycle management
  • Sales channel management
  • Plant operation efficiency

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