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Global Trade Management

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Our Global Trade Management solutions present organizations with the ability to optimize and streamline their supply chains when it comes to cross-border trade. Oracle GTM allows companies to synchronize their legal, regulatory and compliance trade data.

With our natively integrated GTM solutions, companies have more power to mitigate financial risk associated with trade compliance, increase the amount of working capital you’re actively using and reduce costs associated with electronic filing.


Our GTM solutions give companies the visibility they need into their operations. We provide trade documentation reports that allow our clients to jump-start projects and improve the value chain.

Global Trade Management Applications

We are the leader in implementing Oracle Global Trade Management Applications. With these tools, organizations can be more flexible and can get projects done with less risk and complexity. Oracle Value Chain Execution applications provide organizations with the tools they need to plan out their supply chains and minimize risk. Our applications include:

  • Global Trade Management Applications
  • Global Trade Management
  • Customs Management
  • Trade Compliance
  • Global Trade Intelligence
  • Oracle GTM